lucid little forest creatures
never sleep
we won't sleep


would you look at this illuminating gem?

“my whole life has been decided by fate.”
that couldn't be any truer.

why does the world choose to destroy all that is beautiful and innocent
and thrive to reproduce what is ugly and cruel?


her-"oh my, i think i've left the place i meant to stay!"
(a great pause occurs)
*hum hum hum*
her-"sir, i beg you please turn around."
him-"no can do miss, looks like your stuck in this town."
her-"i do suppose you're quite right, carry on then."
*he continues humming*
i promise ill come back;
in thoughts.
at least for now.

(a collection and recollection of thoughts)


the sea may lull me.

we're just two in a sea of stars

let me sail to the calmest of seas, to the island where birds of paradise are the reflection in my eyes.
when life is all around life is me life is you
then it's true you're the spectacle of the deep blue

the ocean spits mist, so i'll;
swallow the tide, always take what is mine. left to find the breath i need the air, you’re my lungs. hold me up don’t press me down, can’t face the possibility that in this ocean i could drown.


welcoming winter.

well let's just say that i've
never enjoyed a winter's night
if it were to remain just a mist
well then i might.
there is no fear this year.

fellows & dears stay tuned, there is no way i'm staying cooped up in here.


want to be a cat?

thomas o' mally baby, yeah. smooth talkin', walkin' kinda guy, you might just be the cat's meow.


let it go

what i like best is when i can see the soul of the artist spilt into his (her) work. when you've been crying, i want to see the tears in form of your words. if life brings you glee, i want to see balloons of paint & splashes of merry-go-rounds.

let me see your life.


somewhere, we all lost it.

what may I ask happened to this type of guy? why did the real "tough guy" look disappear and get replaced with ed hardy t-shirts and pierced ears. you look like a wuss. take some tips, from real men, real guys like these.

take me to the dance hall, not whiskey dix.

to achieve classic and flawless style, see James Dean.

i'm not speaking for myself, however i'm just rather concerned for the general public.

women should aspire for something other then to look like a model from from the next guess? ad, or nylon's increasingly downhill take on fashion and matching things together that, well just don't match. you will probably end up looking like trash if you try this look.

oh, and stop thinking you are some sort of fashion queen, when really you just have shitty style and hair and you were "inspired" a.k.a copied someone else completely. no "scratching your head", "oh, my...how did i accidently get here, in the middle of this field in this cute dress and heels?" get your own fucking wardrobe ideas. oh, and a brain would be a necessary accessory.

so, ladies; either polish up or grunge down. because looking like everyone else = looking like trash.

strive to be:
effortlessly flawless.

not full of flawed effort.



holy night of hell.

bath candles.

zylo phone.

fixtures here & there.




when i grow up;

i might just want to be her.