get up get up, gettup and go go, goback try to but can't goback to sleep.



babe, you're causing me trouble and i'm not into it one bit.



i want to live as/ be/ remain who i am today, over and over and over forever, never changing never stopping always going always leaving living creating something new seeing something different always talking avoiding the clock counting days but avoiding dates never settled always set to go someplace somehow sometime soon i'll be gone from this city, i'll be gone from you.



i'm wanting/ going to pack up all my belongings...

and get the fuck out of winnipeg.



1) I resolve to write more, alot more.



"I have somewhere surely, lived a life of joy with you. all is recall'd as we flit by each other, fluid, affectionate, chaste, matured." -Ezra Pound.

to no one in particular; I'm glad that I've met you.
last year, yesterday, tomorrow and years to come.
let's make every moment together worth it,
& i'll try to do just the same.
here's to a new year, new faces, and new places.