sometimes i get a little tired.

not empty i'm not empty
swear it.
just like every other day
sick of feeling the same
not that girl you think you know
oh so well
can't you tell?


welcoming summer.

just like when the sun rises after a cumbersome and lonely night,
soon, along with the flower buds waking from their perennial nap
or the baby birds hatching out of a cozy coma
so too will i break out of shell-like bad habits of winter;
the hindering of springthings
and stretch my legs out on summer's turf
and yell "here i am!"
i've been gone so long
but must rejoice
slurring slightly;
influenced by wine
it's about time
this summer is mine.



Going somewhere all on my own, a place away from home, at a distance away, but one that i'd like to roam.Won't know 'til i get there, but i feel i'll be free, a place all for me. Don't want to stay locked up no more, don't want to waste away another dreary day in the small city-like town where i was born, that i never could call "home".
Somewhere: i gotta go.
Somewhere: i gotta know.

don't know what else i'd do.

'cause your love makes me m-a-d.



It's a paint my nails, breakfast in bed, laundry doin', essay editing, kind of day.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.