Off to explore an uncharted city, on my account, under a sunset like this (or perhaps it may rain). Walk the halls of great institutes and universities. Sip the coffee. Eat the pizza. Get lost on some Michigan coastal towns. See you around.


With heat struck afternoons long through 
Those idle dreams go back to you 
Was this only in my head 
Just like most things go misread 
When over-thought

the universe WAS ours

What does it matter how many lovers you have if none of them gives you the universe? - Jacques Lacan

(whose book i look forward to receiving very very soon) 
whose life i look forward to observing
psycho psycho analyze 


saying goodbye for somewhile

Setting the goals, even if they are seemingly and absolutely unattainable. Either you can dream about things (perpetually) and never get them, or you can make dreams a reality. If you need me, i'll be in my mind, for sometime. Or lost in the architecture of Chicago, a forest, or a book.

See you sometime.


I've got nothing left except perhaps an old melody playing in my heart. Forget about that, though.


wise words of/ on love

People would never separate from one another if they had real love…
Real love never increases or decreases.

There is no love anywhere. There is no such thing as love in this world. It is all infatuations and attractions. You will realize this right away when someone you love says something negative about you.

Real love is that which does not have any abhorrence behind it. How can it be called love when there is abhorrence associated with it? Love should be unwavering, unchanging.

-The Gnani Purush Dadashri 


spring elevation

I feel the motions of summer swinging forth; with the momentum of a mindfully delicate wrecking-ball. Spring elevation brought me here.


we didn't see eye to eye

"It was hard to tell just how I felt; to not recognize myself. I started to fade away. And after all it won't take long to fall in love, Now I know what I don't want, I learned that with you."

We didn’t see eye-to-eye, we thought we saw thought-to-thought but what I thought was wrong and what I know most truly is that truthfully I was in no way at all connected to you. We didn’t see anything but perhaps aesthetics and fabricated selves, & this is what makes it easy for me to forget  about you. The love I felt for you, only caused me pain; dolorosa and dilemmas are not how we gain.


Spring finals

This is my friend.

And this is me.

This is what we did all night:

Until 7 am.
And then again--until now.

Because it's that last paper of the year you find yourself asking over and over and over
Am I done? 
I want to be.
I don't know if I am.
Should I have more coffee?
I'm exhausted.
Do I need:
A cup of water?
To go for a walk?


hello spring

the last days of spring
breakfasts & books
the yard wakes up?


parallels of the days



Srdce bolet, kava & pracovn√°.


The city where I live

Is all I need;
In Spring.
even if the buildings look like empty brick cans
cityscapes like calm rolling shore waves

twisted fate

"A man is only as good as what he loves."
-Saul Bellow
Written in runic Futhark

The letters in your name twisted into the ground like the roots of tree (of love).  But caught in a natural(ist) disaster inevitably our love surfaced to reality, above what is real (the earth). And now “we” are gone: alovelost-thatwasonce OURS.