where your heart is.

it might just take you away
another place
change of state
i'm not the same anymore.

If I changed like this, from one little trip. What is going to become of me in Europe for 5 weeks?

"He had never been on a boat before. Though god knows he's lived against the river all his life."


my grandpa's dad, circa 1930something.

Nowadays we have hundreds (or more) photos of ourselves. Doing this, doing that. If you had to choose one photo to personify your best traits, or offer a sketch of your truest form (to future generations) which would it be? 

The image above is perfect. I would prefer something closer to this. In the moment, classic apparel. Nothing fancy or surpassing plain and of necessity. Caught in the hustlebustle of some sort of daily grind. Grit in mouth. Mind preoccupied on everything but posing.

more on birds.

all i can do here is listen 
to the swaying of the palms
pick the lemons of the trees
listen to the woes and to's and fro's
of ten bumbling hummingbirds
and i find myself caught in the gossip
of the desert trees; all the desert dreams


being birds.

Social center of all the desert
where birds meet to fluff feathers
I hear them saying to one another;
"Hey lovedove won't you let me
be under your wings?
Will you listen to the songs I sing
Can we just be featherlovers forever dove?"


freud freunde

this makes me long for paris. is it possible to be homesick for a place you've never been?


c'est cali

I've been having a lovely time down here in California. 65 degrees works for me.

Happy hour starts at 2pm but officially 4:30 at Mama Gina's.  Prior to supper at the fabolous Mama's I will bike ride around the Club, and find a lemon tree. After I've retrieved the lemon, I mix a vodka.  I guess it's sort of like pre-gaming for a bar. Only better. Drinking in the sun is nice, and by nightfall, you're sober. The only downside of this whole even is I'll never be able to use a lemon again. They all will taste rotten in comparison to one RIGHT off the tree.

Someone should have told me to stop shopping at three pairs of shoes, but no. Especially since I've spent under a $100 on these five pairs and three of them are an absolute necessity for the next few months of my life. And then I continued with bathing suits, cardigans, Tshirts, blouses, etc. I wish I had someone to stop me.

Also I've been reading by the pool and late at night in bed when I feel the weight of the time change. I'm nearly finished Coming Through Slaughter, by Micheal Ondaatje. I've polished off Plato's Apology and I'm onto Charmides.

Tomorrow morning I'm hiking up in the mountains, bright and early. We'll finish off the morning by going for an espresso on El Paseo.  If I'm full of energy afterwords, I'll go for a swim and a bike ride. 

There is strange and interesting wildlife here. Varying from roadrunners, hummingbirds, and corncob eating dingbats. America is weird.

palm desart.

Here's proof that it rains in Palm Springs.


super ME

This is the creme from the first roll from my Pentax. I'm in love with the overall quality of the shots. Specifically how the light soaks in. I also chose an excellent time of day to shoot; early evening. My home has many windows where light can be caught in play. Cette une petite tournée dans ma maison.

Tiny friend on the 'sill.

Evening light.

3 amigos.


show up/ show off

Showed up.

Decided to take a walk, just to figure out I don't know shit. About the weather, about me, about you. About that great grand question we asks ourselves all too little or too often; 

"Why the hell am I here? What's my purpose?"

It's easy to say no to this, and have declinations towards that.
While pondering over my double espresso and a rice krispie square, the topic of friendship arose, and the answer to the following question immediately became of great priority.

Who's the better friend?

 Is it..

A)  Someone who you see/ talk to every day? This means you have discussions with them each and every day. This sort of action could lead to two outcomes. 

NEGATIVE ASPECTS: You cover the drears of the day. What you bought at the supermarket. What you talked about with co-workers over lunch, etc.   

POSITIVE OUTCOMES This person is the essence of balance in your life. They are not a crutch for lulled conversation, moreso they are a source of adventure, discovery, a chemical stimulant of all that is noble and great.

Or are they..

B) Someone who doesn't need you (all the time) but who can read you?  And this someone is especially good at reading you when you're out of line.  This person, by means of intuition can see you. 

NEGATIVE ASPECTS:  The absence of someone this deeply intwined with you (with your soul) is decremental for furthering goodness.  Without them; you stray.

POSITIVE OUTCOMES: Their absences allows for clarity. You have time to reflect, then act upon their kind advice or words. The next time you meet they are surprised by your actions, specifically because of this concept of space and time in between. 

I want to know you like the ever informing ocean knows every shell. Those tiny organisms created by  millions upon millions of replicas; wave after wave. Ebb and flow: you fill the void.


simple math

irrelevancies of the past moulded into tangible things.
like you + me.


full mOOn

I'll admit, I've been spooked by you. 

I like the look of the O's in the word "mOOn".

Just as easy as the tide subtracts and reacts to the monumental momentum of something we can't even grasp (gravity), I rehearse, reorganize and re-expose

Is the moon, by way a distraction? Covetously, I'm swung. Sometimes it feels like I'm in a hammock, leaning towards the stars. They're far, and it's indeed imagery far-fetched.

How do I say, and not be cliché.

I'm past the moon, past all stars, beyond and above, & overtly I've discovered as close as you are, you're in another world, some sort of orbital distraction. But you're the closest I will go. Chemical reactions at once pull and drag us apart, and clench us back in.  We may not be in the same world (herewith-in), but I'll let it rest that we are perhaps, at best, we're compromising, gravitational law abiding terrestrials/ darkness is not the end.


Here it was (it was summer). There was darkness there was thunder. There was illuminating love, from the atmospheric above. Splashes of light as the rain poured through the night. Almost endless, but as it goes we had to end it.


just some gems.

It's difficult to find true gems. Be it in a friend, favourite diner, book , and even within the context of jewellery. My friend Kat did this shoot a few months ago for her sister Maddie's jewelery company, "MRK". If you're looking for a new beautiful, original handmade piece, look no further loves.



smoke sign

Vesuvius versus Pompeii.
Catastrophes; not for me.


the new moon.

"The gulls who scorn perfection for the sake of travel go nowhere, slowly. Those who put aside travel for the sake of perfection go anywhere, instantly."

Spiral-like moments where I wonder of "the truths". Are we all actors and actresses? Caught in some big facade. A motion of picturesque moments. Play by play, we are played by someone/something bigger than we can even fathomimagination let loose. I'm gone and that's the only truth.

I know these are silly questions that I have. But what I also know is that we are coated with silly lies. I hate to sound like the same force that is feeding us like animals, but there is more to life than what happens late at night. Translucent skies; unparalleled influences for the eyes. 

The end. 

I'll be gone like the waning of the moon. Wax; and I'm back.


focus pocus.

This weeks focus. I must admit it's not that focused because I'm going to list more than one item of attraction. So technically it's a list distracting focuses? Let me know if I've lost you yet.

  • Pay homage to the Pentax and Holga deities by worshiping, praise, and sacrificing countless hours to attribute to their utmost well-being and happiness.  

  • Apply for Communications program. AKA gather up a collection of random papers, writings, and other junk they want to claim as a "portfolio", send it off, wait. This will be the most excruciating and dry section of the month. 
  • Most importantly, I'm going to have some fun. I've got a little project in the works. Soon, soon..

I've temporarily lost creativity in the midst of planning semi-future excursion across seas. It'll be back within the week. It's exhausting and fun. I stay up all hours of the night daydreaming (and dreaming) in other languages. Where exactly am I going? I've filled in some dots From A-B-C-D. But the rest is up to the world! February focus is all sort of preparation for the future. Guess I'm finally growing up. I've listened to my Wendy.