Lost in Paris

Around and around; up/ down/ all over de ville Courbevoie to Republiqué, Opera, et Luxembourg. Touring solo- see the Louvre (such a small bit was covered in 5 hours), it feels.

Sitting in the hall that reminds me of a greenhouse, I clutched my Pentex in excitement. But it's too overwhelm to choose a "photographic moment" when all you want to do is soak every Parisian moment in. Every drop is loved of it; the bitter and the sweet-- just like my café.

À pensir- that I was grande . But I hail no comparison to the halls of the Sorbonne, Notre Dame and the winding routes (that lead you back to where I began). Oh so lost in Paris!



Summer has begun, new friends have been made. Wine has been drank. Sun; absorbed. Been to the beach many a time (4 to be exact). I'm ready to go. My bags are all packed. And I'm starting to freak; in that good way. When I update next (if I remember to) Who knows where I'll be?

Some things I'll be getting up to are:

The usual sightseeing in France; visit Cafe de Flore, see the Eiffel tower, louvre, jardin du la tuileries et luxembourg, weekend in Nice (bike around southern France), back to Paris for many more espressos and explorations. 

Next is Hungary:  Here I will go to many baths, explore the fantastic architecture, and statue gardens, also enjoy espresso there too... and who knows what else?

Italy: Espresso espresso espresso. Eat eat eat. Live the life of the eternal city. Florence,  Naples and more..

Clearly there will be many adventures and stories to tell. Photos to share. Good bye all!

crazy love

"And when I'm returning from so far away
                                            she gives me some sweet lovin', brighten up my day
yes it makes me righteous, yes it makes me feel whole
yes it makes me mellow down in to my soul."

-Van Morrison: Crazy Love


On Tuesday I leave for an entire month. Verbalizing the length makes me already want to extend my trip...anywhere from a week to a few years. But, of course there are commitments, obligations, jobs, and things that just must be done at home.

These are my top 5 items I'm packing for my trip. 
  • A (well-worn) Map of Paris- places of interest have been pre-marked by my boyfriend.
  • Large notebook, medium notebook, two micro notebooks.
  • Pentax kit
  • Good walking sandals & lots of breathable tanks for the hot heat of Italy.
  • An open mind, alert eyes, and a virtuous soul. 


photo prep.

11 rolls of film & 2 lenses should be enough. I think/ we'll see. Thanks little (sister) Diamond. 


my brain feels somewhat like this right now. charged with a million ideas and "to do's". it's blocked up and bothered. only espressos in paris, day-trips to southern france, or pottering around statues in eastern europe will cure it. (sigh)