I bet Albert Einstein stayed in on New Year's Eve..Walt Whitman & all those poetic drunkards too. All the literary decadents who pay homage to prudent & dry substances.Like the definition of the soul, or some perplexing scientific theory that's so complex, that even the rudiments are too advanced for the public norm. The point is, here I am, (by choice) soaking up significant matters of men past/present. What will you do for New Year's?


"you were burning like a city of electric light."

squandering seasouls

Beautiful are the songs of the sea
many a minnow has said to me;
engulf, but do not overindulge
Even the lowest of creatures know me better than me.

last leaf of the year.

A fresh coat of e v e r y t h i n g . It's not just a "new" year; leaf, page, or mores. More so, I desire to βeautify the soul, with pace and perseverance to acquire the purest νου.


Sacred Moon (Look Down Fair Moon)

Look down fair moon, and bathe this scene;
Pour softly down night's nimbus floods, on faces ghastly, swollen, purple;
On the dead, on their backs, with their arms toss'd wide,
Pour down your unstinted nimbus; sacred moon.

-Walt Whitman


guess what? i'm falling upsidedown and over you. tumbling all over the place. i'm a bit distracted. sometimes i overreact. it's funny though. because what is life if you can't laugh it off, anyways? it's not right to live life like a fable-or a fake tale. to follow (and interpret) your dreams, it seems is the way to transform from allegory and story to real and raw. i ask myself (again and again), how are you real? i often blink twice, trying unravel you with my eyes.


M . ythical place .
A . byss .
P . lethora of passions .


mittens won't do justice.

aC, kW, rL.

the real trick to keeping cozy this winter is having warmhearted friends by your side.
add in some wine & spirits and it'll be spring in no time.


despiértese mundo

La vida es la pluralidad, la muerte es la uniformidad.
-Octavio Paz


sighing everyday

Because you lied. The sun vanishes & rises; to a prairie boy's honeysweet sighs. I wanted a life beyond some ill-fated plateau.


In your hands.


Evidently, the era we are infinitely entangled in is constantly increasing in absence, and absent-mindedness. We pursue misguided ventures, attempting to "complete" a life that is in fact not our own. Walking down a pre-paved passageway is moderate in comparison to determining ones own route. For it is absent of risk, passion, and most importantly, in the depth of the soul.

To avoid absolute desolation, or the tarnishing of the inner-self, one must fully submerge in something I'd like to deem as "selfless selfishness". To supplement this term further in detail, I must first dissect the meaning of each word.

1. [To be] Selfless: beyond generous, compassionate, without intentions of advancing oneself solely for personal profit.
2. [To be] Selfish: seeking to acquire something for personal satisfaction.

A contradiction of traditional meanings? Perhaps so. But in no way can it be selfish to desire something that is neither material, nor visible (unless you count keenness for the radiance or glow from within as a possession).

If throughout my odyssey all I only desire a complete soul, and in no way do I violate the "amour propre", as described by Rousseau, am I still being selfless?


dreams? what do they mean..

I've been having overly vivid, sharp dreams recently. Mixed with the reoccurring animal encounters; seeing foxes {multiple times}, and delusions of being a small bird. Curious to know, whether this is elegance or omens, I've investigated deeper into the "meanings" of these symbolic creatures.

To dream about a fox indicates intelligence and ingeniousness. You should pay more attention to your instincts and wisdom to deal with issues. You may need to hide your feelings to protect yourself. This dream may also represents a time of being cutoff or feeling lonely. This is an ideal period to think about your life, where you've been, and where you're going.

To dream of a chirping and/or flying bird symbolizes passion, pleasure, and steadiness. You have a positive attitude towards your situation. Emotionally, burdens will be removed and you will find peace and solace.

To Consider: My writing may often be confusing or strange in dialogue. Most of the entries are interpretations of dreams I've had, or sights/ visions I've seen. Either exact to point, or slightly exaggerated for effect. I consider this post to be somewhat of an insight/ horoscopical perspective on what is going on within my life; my mind.

"Of scenes of Nature, fields and mountains,
Of skies so beauteous after a storm, and at night the moon so
unearthly bright,
Shining sweetly, shining down, where we dig the trenches and
gather the heaps.
I dream, I dream, I dream."

-Walt Whitman


I met a fox the other day.

The most idyllic of days; spent sweeping my heart away . Lost like a fox's footprints in the snow trailing off to into the woods, dense and deep.

"Pardon?", I say.
I could have sworn I heard a voice. Perhaps it was the sound of a fallen branch, or maybe a sparrow in the distance.

"Sir, please move swiftly, I must be on my way." The fox mumbles, as he trots off.

On he goes, in sing-song:
"Brambles and brooks, lily of the valley, and owlish looks; don't cross my path. I'm not the sort you read of in old folklore books. There will be no feeding from your palm, I won't remain still; & I will, I repeat I will not promise to mercifully kill."

Despair of disparity?
Certainly, no. He is not my friend, nor is he my foe. The fox is a creature of habit, like me, like us all.


apoligies have never been less sentimental.

I think I'm sorry. But that doesn't mean anything at all.
And I'm sorry for that, too.
Apologies have never been less sentimental;
and that, I will thank you for.

all the months of the year.

stuck in a snowy city where the cold wind whisks in; freezes my lashes, then paints a blush to my cheeks. soft skin beneath layers aux laine; were bitten by dog's teeth. i awake to dreams of olde villas, powdered with sweet snow, and lulled back to sleep by echoes from the mountain-tops.