babe, you're causing me trouble and i'm not into it one bit.


  1. Riel, it's me. Liz. The blog world is getting me in trouble and I am trying to get into it. I made a flickr... created a 'set'... found friends? I am well on my way to queen of the internet. Kidding. Will you be my friend on the internet so that I may look cooler? Also I want you to creep on my life which is supposed to be endearing but just sounds dumb. Your mother came into my store a while ago and told me to call you she said something like we need to be friends again which is nothing I don't know. I hope you're well, xo.

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  3. Hello there my love! Of COURSE I'll be you very best friend on the entire internet. I would like nothing more!

    I hope I see you soon...I wasn't aware you are still in winnipeg? I thought you'd fled the country.