Oh, these horrors.

Listening to these brutals (because there are these type of people who hang out at coffee-shops) talk talk talk on and on about meth addicts they've lived with, coke trips, and that sort-of half-dead but still "living" kind of life. Quoting them:

"I don't drink that much, but I can fucking drink hard liqueur."

"I'm not that good of a dad, ignore daddy."

"You drink the most out of all of us."

"You have to hear this story--", one guy.

"When he was drinking a 26 of wild(something), 24 of Morgan's Lucky."

"And she just looked at me, and I wasted."

Laughing about the hours and hours and hours they have been wasted, almost pissing themselves over times they have been pissed.

"At my wedding social, I fully pre-gamed so bad that I passed out drunk."

And they have a friend they keep referring to as "weasel". Their topics are making me nauseous, upset and sick.

Bon chance.

I feel silly even snooping or listening in--but what is the point about this type of life--what is the point of working, having a partner, drinking all throughout the day--being so common?

I mean, on occasion it is fine to go on a bender but when your whole life bends itself to the point of no return (so far gone you can not mend) --what is the point?

Oh these horrors walk the street, oh these horrors sit across from me, oh these horrors are not my friends, they were once but not again.

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