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Evidently, the era we are infinitely entangled in is constantly increasing in absence, and absent-mindedness. We pursue misguided ventures, attempting to "complete" a life that is in fact not our own. Walking down a pre-paved passageway is moderate in comparison to determining ones own route. For it is absent of risk, passion, and most importantly, in the depth of the soul.

To avoid absolute desolation, or the tarnishing of the inner-self, one must fully submerge in something I'd like to deem as "selfless selfishness". To supplement this term further in detail, I must first dissect the meaning of each word.

1. [To be] Selfless: beyond generous, compassionate, without intentions of advancing oneself solely for personal profit.
2. [To be] Selfish: seeking to acquire something for personal satisfaction.

A contradiction of traditional meanings? Perhaps so. But in no way can it be selfish to desire something that is neither material, nor visible (unless you count keenness for the radiance or glow from within as a possession).

If throughout my odyssey all I only desire a complete soul, and in no way do I violate the "amour propre", as described by Rousseau, am I still being selfless?

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