A friend an I were having a discussion about academia, which is of course nothing unusual during exam season. I was reading a theory of music textbook trying to discover if there was something special (besides the obvious)  that occurs in classical music vs pop music, while simultaneously encircling valuable quotes from Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind, when conversation began to drift. My explanation of my essay became convoluted because I had been stewing over the same pages all day/night, so we scrapped the toughtalk. I changed the topic to instead asking advice on a rather trivial subject matter in my personal life. I was very persistent on getting an answer out of him, not forceful mind you. The friend is a Bio-anthropology major and although I know very little of what both of these subjects consist of, the advice that came out of him was quite possibly the best I've ever heard.

"Modernists would say, 'Forget about it, completely. Then come back and look at it later.'"

I know he's talking about bones and artifacts when he tells me this, but still.
As plain and as trivial an answer this is, why is it such a complex action to perform?

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