gravity & grace

"Man only escapes from the laws of this world in lightening flashes. Instants when everything stands still, instants of contemplation, of pure intuition, of mental void, of acceptance of the moral void. It is through such instants that he is capable of the supernatural."

Simone Weil. My new lady-crush. You know you're growing up (or at least starting to) when your crushes are no longer models and actresses, but instead philosophers, poets, or political journalists. 

The basis of this adoration begins not at the waistline,  but the innate discerning qualities that they possess.  The ideal woman is not what we perceive her to be.  In fact she is not a vision.  You won't hear of her beauty. You will feel her presence, if she wants. Her telos is neither fame or notoriety.  

Who is she? Where can she be found..


  1. C'est fucking bon. You are my lady crush.

  2. it's a mix of H&M lipstick and chanel

  3. i agree with you about having intellectual figures as crush. as a teenager i adore josh hartnett and brad pitt and now as a 21 year old i'm head over heels in love with henry miller and haruki murakami. haha. i don't care about how they look, or whether they have athletic figures because i'm so freakin in love with their brains.

    and you're my lady crush. very intelligent. very cool. and you're an unique person.

    p.s. can i also add you on fb? :)