oh what a day!

Yesterday was my twenty-second birthday. I woke up early, stressed out. I despise making plans, and the usual thing I do to celebrate is head to the beach. But it was pouring on and off throughout the day, so that wasn't going to happen. Instead, I had a lovely day with my friends.

I went for breakfast, had mimosas. Then we went to my house for around 2 and had wine, wine, and more wine. I got lots of cute presents. Like mini moleskins, a beige knit shirt, nail polish, & a cactus. Books, owl collectables. Lovely things!

Then, Nick took me out to see "Midnight In Paris". Which I have to say is the best Woody Allen movie I've seen. I love Manhattan (which is reminiscent of Lolita). As well as Hannah and Her Sisters. And obviously Annie Hall, and a Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy. But during MIP, I was smiling, laughing or beyond intrigued and inspired. Owen Wilson is the perfect sub for Woody Allen acting in his own films. Perfect. 

Tomorrow I'm having all my family over for a back yard BBQ. There is a small tent decorated with flowers and lights that's set up. I can't wait.

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