one week hiatus

A lot can be done in a week, or nothing at all. Recovering from a flu, while planning my Eurotrip results in a very sleepy femme. By planning, I don't mean time table/ routes for everywhere and everything. That's boring. I'd rather get lost. But looking into places I want to go, reading about other travelers. Finding some places to stay. 

Tomorrow I turn twenty-two. I've gone into this sort of dull, dry "what i've done today" mode of blogging. I simply am exhausted.  All my creativity goes here. And free time is wasted here.

There is no filter. Every experience that I have goes into it. Conversations, visions, people I meet, little tiny details I see (everywhere). Life in it's entirety is the influence, a novel is but a reflection of a stage or period of time passing by.

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