full mOOn

I'll admit, I've been spooked by you. 

I like the look of the O's in the word "mOOn".

Just as easy as the tide subtracts and reacts to the monumental momentum of something we can't even grasp (gravity), I rehearse, reorganize and re-expose

Is the moon, by way a distraction? Covetously, I'm swung. Sometimes it feels like I'm in a hammock, leaning towards the stars. They're far, and it's indeed imagery far-fetched.

How do I say, and not be cliché.

I'm past the moon, past all stars, beyond and above, & overtly I've discovered as close as you are, you're in another world, some sort of orbital distraction. But you're the closest I will go. Chemical reactions at once pull and drag us apart, and clench us back in.  We may not be in the same world (herewith-in), but I'll let it rest that we are perhaps, at best, we're compromising, gravitational law abiding terrestrials/ darkness is not the end.


  1. The photos are gorgeous, they have such a fabulous quality! And love this idea of the power of the moon.

  2. Trop merci! I find myself obsessing over the moon. Everything about it.

  3. Anonymous5.12.11

    This is great writing. I sense that I know exactly what you mean by what you are saying. It is clearer than anything in the world. Keep it up! I want more of your words in any form.