focus pocus.

This weeks focus. I must admit it's not that focused because I'm going to list more than one item of attraction. So technically it's a list distracting focuses? Let me know if I've lost you yet.

  • Pay homage to the Pentax and Holga deities by worshiping, praise, and sacrificing countless hours to attribute to their utmost well-being and happiness.  

  • Apply for Communications program. AKA gather up a collection of random papers, writings, and other junk they want to claim as a "portfolio", send it off, wait. This will be the most excruciating and dry section of the month. 
  • Most importantly, I'm going to have some fun. I've got a little project in the works. Soon, soon..

I've temporarily lost creativity in the midst of planning semi-future excursion across seas. It'll be back within the week. It's exhausting and fun. I stay up all hours of the night daydreaming (and dreaming) in other languages. Where exactly am I going? I've filled in some dots From A-B-C-D. But the rest is up to the world! February focus is all sort of preparation for the future. Guess I'm finally growing up. I've listened to my Wendy.


  1. good luck for the application!
    and hope everything works well for you!