c'est cali

I've been having a lovely time down here in California. 65 degrees works for me.

Happy hour starts at 2pm but officially 4:30 at Mama Gina's.  Prior to supper at the fabolous Mama's I will bike ride around the Club, and find a lemon tree. After I've retrieved the lemon, I mix a vodka.  I guess it's sort of like pre-gaming for a bar. Only better. Drinking in the sun is nice, and by nightfall, you're sober. The only downside of this whole even is I'll never be able to use a lemon again. They all will taste rotten in comparison to one RIGHT off the tree.

Someone should have told me to stop shopping at three pairs of shoes, but no. Especially since I've spent under a $100 on these five pairs and three of them are an absolute necessity for the next few months of my life. And then I continued with bathing suits, cardigans, Tshirts, blouses, etc. I wish I had someone to stop me.

Also I've been reading by the pool and late at night in bed when I feel the weight of the time change. I'm nearly finished Coming Through Slaughter, by Micheal Ondaatje. I've polished off Plato's Apology and I'm onto Charmides.

Tomorrow morning I'm hiking up in the mountains, bright and early. We'll finish off the morning by going for an espresso on El Paseo.  If I'm full of energy afterwords, I'll go for a swim and a bike ride. 

There is strange and interesting wildlife here. Varying from roadrunners, hummingbirds, and corncob eating dingbats. America is weird.

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