show up/ show off

Showed up.

Decided to take a walk, just to figure out I don't know shit. About the weather, about me, about you. About that great grand question we asks ourselves all too little or too often; 

"Why the hell am I here? What's my purpose?"

It's easy to say no to this, and have declinations towards that.
While pondering over my double espresso and a rice krispie square, the topic of friendship arose, and the answer to the following question immediately became of great priority.

Who's the better friend?

 Is it..

A)  Someone who you see/ talk to every day? This means you have discussions with them each and every day. This sort of action could lead to two outcomes. 

NEGATIVE ASPECTS: You cover the drears of the day. What you bought at the supermarket. What you talked about with co-workers over lunch, etc.   

POSITIVE OUTCOMES This person is the essence of balance in your life. They are not a crutch for lulled conversation, moreso they are a source of adventure, discovery, a chemical stimulant of all that is noble and great.

Or are they..

B) Someone who doesn't need you (all the time) but who can read you?  And this someone is especially good at reading you when you're out of line.  This person, by means of intuition can see you. 

NEGATIVE ASPECTS:  The absence of someone this deeply intwined with you (with your soul) is decremental for furthering goodness.  Without them; you stray.

POSITIVE OUTCOMES: Their absences allows for clarity. You have time to reflect, then act upon their kind advice or words. The next time you meet they are surprised by your actions, specifically because of this concept of space and time in between. 

I want to know you like the ever informing ocean knows every shell. Those tiny organisms created by  millions upon millions of replicas; wave after wave. Ebb and flow: you fill the void.


  1. There is something very special about the friend who you don't necessarily see all that often, but when you do see them you instantly reconnect as if you had never been apart!

  2. I totally agree!