day like a dream

day like a dream
Wanderlust; I awoke.  Many a thing on the menu (to eat and to do). I gather my bones assemble myself. I reckon with the day as it's just begun. Pho 4 us. CurriedsweeTOFUgood. To my bike; I belong! Across bridges, through parks, down rues.  Getting home against the wind was a victory. One that deserves a medal. Or something gold. praise to the lemons (and lemonade stands).  Little girl, little boy building an empire (if only in my heart). Walking the dog. Reading Montreal mail. 

Impromptu you call,  and soon together we are. Cravings for such, such sweet things. With espresso in tow, the day becomes fast. Then there is two. Candy apple walks; short and sweet (both the distance and the treat).   A walk becomes necessity, we head to the park. I found it strange, as there were so many people gathered around the foot of the bridge (old train tracks to cross the water). Smoke, dozens of red lights. Fire by exalt? Or average arsonist. Who knows. The interest of what's going on drives dozens driving to stop and question about (or get out). We watch as it's put out. Walk away, talking all day. In a diamond we were; sitting and grinning; perched on a batter's bench. Smoke  again, but from a cigarette lit by Diamond girl we talk of the day and all that we've done.  But to me it felt like the night had just begun.

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