happy easter.

i ate enough halupki, brussel sprouts, deviled eggs, chocolate eggs and apple crumble to last me 'til next year. i decided go to to the park down the street from my granny's after dinner (like i did when i was little). i was shocked to find a new play structure and a different swing set. there were these two bobbing structures (one a motorcycle and the other a plane) that you would sit on, like an idle swing. they were made of wood and painted fun colours. those are gone. but replaced with this seat i thought was for parents to sit on and watch the kids play. but really it is slightly lopsided and it's like a carousel on crack. my stomach rumbled, i looked like i drank a mickey of rum. the night is done; reality bites and i lost my appetite (the ability to not feel nauseated) like when i was young..

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