simply divine VS simplicity

(Leonard Cohen,  Saul Bellow, Sylvia Plath, Jack Kerouac,  Ayn Rand)

We have it made. Literally, if we want something we can have it done promptly. Usually in under an hour we can have something typed up (with no worries of grammatical errors because spellcheck will catch it for us), we can have a roll of film or "card" printed (even if there are 100's). Need I say more? In this hour we complain, whine, whatever. We're lucky to live in such an accessible and easy era. The list we could do is try to sustain some of these ways. 

I was getting filmed deveveloped in California this past winter, and I was getting teased:
"Why are you buying film, it'll all be gone in a couple years any ways. Five years tops. Waste of time to buy/ fix/ spend money on film. Especially when your shots don't turn out. Digital, they always turn out."

A complete stranger said that to me. A service representative-stranger to be exact. Guffawing as he gave his persuasive spiel, yet managing to be pleasant with a "matter-of-fact" tone.

I was nearly persuaded, except I don't have $1500 to buy me a nice SLR. Film'll do for now, thank you.

But the novelty and nobility of the act OF using film is what pushes me. I like not knowing what the prints look like. Not being able to edit them to perfection. They're raw, they're real. What do I want?

Juxtaposition between modernity and the "old days"; 
Typewriter VS. MacBook
pen ink VS two tone/ multicoloured inkjets
notebooks VS MSword
diGitAl VS film

simply divine VS  simplicity


  1. Preach it sister. I am with you all the way. We are spoiled whinging babies in this era, complaining at our keyboards. Let's go for a walk in the park; lest we forget, fleurs are timeless.

  2. Oh you speak my language. Can you believe we are divided by that devious province-in-between us.

    I weep.

  3. Weeping with you.

    I have been reading your Riel Thinks post (as it is named in my Hop To bar; not sure if you have named it this or I in my thoughts of you). Either way, I value your musings, your thoughts recorded.

    Miss Lynch, you are a breath of fresh air in this quick fix, outfit obsessed world of entitlement in which we live in. Wish we lived closer? Hell yes. I would chop an arm or a head of hair to slither around a dusty bookstore avec vous. Rain days are best for thinking.

    Keep going, I am galloping alongside as you churn out Lo and behold.


  4. I like that name. I have a new post coming up hopefully in the next few days. My brains been no state to write enjoyably about anything for a few days. All work, no playing with words I suppose.

    I'm leaving you my address via your page and hope to hear from you very soon in the mail.

    I'm sure with your crafty hands it will be a letter of utmost magnificence.