Hiding in crevices at Nerman's. A place that currently reminds me of the tower that Merlin is given in the Sword and the Stone. The one with leaks and drips and hosts an angry Archimedes.  In the 'art' and 'foreign languages' section there were multiple buckets and drapes of fabric. My day of semi-solitude prevails with correlating drip drip drips and floorboard creaks when the Keeper or I stir.

Rainy day writing with and about Lo. Espresso with a dearly sweet girl. I wish there were more like this.  Where I have the leisure to sit, drink merrily, converse and then watch through the windows at the world. Through my lens it looks grim & grey, yet containing life. A vivaciously still moment captured by chance. The rain won't bring me down. It's the most opportunistic  weather forecast, pour moi. I don't feel like I'm missing out on something if don't spend all day outside, or if I'm stuck at work. You can catch up on chores, with friends, and act all le mis about it. It's when time slows down enough to grasp hold of reality.


  1. I am curious about your written friend. May the clouds of thought part and may way for genius. Can't wait. I need your mailing address, as I have quit the evil FB once more. Merci.

    Much admiration, Margot.

  2. I'm debating whether to share excerpts on the internet...I don't want anything being stolen at this moment. Paranoia. Perhaps when it's greater in size I won't be as full of precariousness and delusional ideas of internet swipings.

  3. Smart lady. Keep it safe, I meant only to encourage, not to pry. A letter has taken shape, thanks for the address.