Demain est une nouveau jour pour pouvoir. Une jour pour aimer de jolie choses dans la vie.

Que est ce une faire?

Lire avec Walt. Oui, d'accord.
Danser la valse avec Walt dans ma tête?  Bien aussi.
Sortir la photo qui prend avec mon Pentax. Oui merci!
Plus trop!


  1. "Une jour pour aimer de jolie choses dans la vie." such great line !
    it's not that i 'm very good at french, i 'm a novice learner.
    that's very cool of you, being able to speak such fluent french like that. :) keep up the good work !

  2. The basis of all my French phrases are residual words I learned in Grade 9 and under. It's been years since I've constructed a proper sentence without careful articulation and tiiiiime. Sweet time.

    But thank you!

  3. my favorite classic writers are oscar wilde, joseph conrad, sylvia plath, and marguerite duras. for more contemporary ones, i'd go for milan kundera and haruki murakami :)

  4. I've never heard of the last two! Poets? Bards? Superbe storytellers?