Recently I've decided to take upon a rather large but loving project. 

Large: It's going to be highly time consuming due to practicalities. Schedules, research,  having patience with myself and others rather than force are all going to factor in on the "finished" or endpiece. I don't have a date picked for it, but I also would rather it not linger and endure the long , dangling  by a thread-type route. However, I'm also not going to rush. 

Loving: Easier said than done. Ideally, my goal is  to encompass within this project all that I hold dearly to me. A muddled up mess of everything, disguised like it's a parcel to my overseas lover.

I don't want to jinx, spoil or put this project on any sort of pedestal by informing anyone fully what it's about, just yet. Maybe when it's anatomy is more definable .I say this for multiple reasons. 

A) I'm not fully sure what it's about myself. I don't ever want to be full of myself.     
B) I'm open to ideas. I have virtuosic pursuits but could always use a point in a better direction if I'm clearly about to derail.
C)  It's my baby. I've never been as fully submersed in something of this (potential) magnitude. I don't want to smother it, but I know I'll going to end up entirely enamored with discussing it ALL the time, and physically and mentally working on and towards "the end" will be my complete and utter obsession. 

Photos: From the archives. I took these photos on a road trip to the Okanagan Valley almost 7 years ago.


  1. The project sounds exciting, go for it! And I like the photos a lot.

  2. "I have virtuosic pursuits but could always use a point in a better direction if I'm clearly about to derail." that's such a great tagline. i find this very inspiring !
    great pictures, too, and good luck for the project. hope to hear more from you !

    anyway, thanks for the very nice insights. it really makes me glad to know that someone actually notices my writing. it means a lot.

    i've followed your blog, and hope we can keep in touch !
    have a great day !

  3. sounds like quite a project! good luck with everything. and beautiful photos!

  4. Thank you everyone :)