I'd much rather..

[Be scheming]

There's been a lot of it going on lately. Avoiding the frigid and great outdoors is pretty easy when you keep busy.

1. Book of concepts: The "plan" is to share one day soon.
2. Listography: Tête a tête, except with myself. 
3. Adam Bede by George Eliot.
4. Watercolour pencil crayons: Très amusant.
5.  Pentax Super ME: Trying to figure how to work this bb is worthwhile, but time consuming.  The instructional manual is from sometime in the eighties, and has burned a big hole in my brain, then filled it with boredom. Just like when I was tediously scouring over "The Communist Manifesto" for a midterm essay, except way worse.


  1. keep going with the pentax, old cameras like that are super interesting. and thanks for adding me to your blogroll :)

  2. Outdoor sports are really exciting.Mountain climbing is my favorite outdoor activity.

  3. I'm taking the Pentax into the shoppe to be looked at tomorrow. It's beyond my saving!

  4. hey, just getting back to you to thank you for your great feedback, and to thank you for returning my comment :)

    i'd like to hear more insights. it's good to hear from someone who actually understands my writing, because, to be frank, not so many readers of mine actually read the writing, so it's good to hear precious feedbacks from someone like you :)

    i'll be following your blog from now on so that i could keep track of your posts.
    have a greaaat day !