Honey won't you hold me tight, get me through Grey Gardens tonight.

I'm being super stingy lately. Only eating while at work. Or if my Mom makes/ orders in something, I'll have that maybe. I go to McNally  and nibble on pecan squares and tonic water berry spritzers for a great $5.00 meal. Read a bit, window shop.  Don't buy a book unless it's under $10. Thrift for clothes, books, etc. Hardly that even. Used my Xmas gift certificates to their last pennies. Except for Tim Horton's, I'll probably save it for one day when I feel like waiting 20 minutes for a  honey lemon tea. I personally enjoy nothing more than staying huddled in. Protected from the demonic winds and wretched Manitoba drivers.

This winter has been pretty grey. It's giving me not the worst, but "could be better" vibe. I wish the  most opportune letter would arrive in the mail & resolve this heavy-hearted season, giving me a month, and a date with Charles de Gaulle to look forward to. I've never met you, but already I love you.

Tomorrow is a noteworthy day. Getting my 2nd film camera. Inheritance from my Granddad. First baby brokedown what seems to be beyond it's face value in restoration cost. I didn't know how to use that thing/ can't find the film that I printed. Most of them were of family members/ out of focus trashers. The rest can be found here. My multifaceted source of teenage outpouring. Recently have updated that site, but with little luck/ feedback. Said Granddad can be found in my gallery. Besides the possibility of thrifting (looking for Topshop knockoff garments), I'll be working for some 8 odd hours. After: drink wine, relax, nap, bath. Sounds perfect. Cloud 9 even.


  1. I feel that way about this particular winter. I think it made me no good to go to Mexico in december as i came back without being tired of the warmth and sun...Plus what i enjoy the most about winter it's a good storm and there haven't been any since i came back.
    I love the first photo!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day :)

  2. I really love the photograph with the mirror, gives it all an otherworldly quality. And I'm very jealous that you are getting another film camera! It will be exciting to see the photographs you get.

  3. I've actually got x2 new cameras. Keep posted !