influencé par "jardins sous la pluie"

Dans spécifique; Kazuya Akimoto.

As of lately I've been completely and utterly inspired by Debussy's Estampes.  The piece above is so beautiful. Akimoto was inspired by this song as well, I believe. I admire the textures created, specifically the swirls/ possible puddles of rain. The overall fluidity and motion is unworldly. Perplexing and almost fictitious. 

It's less than rare that I become so moved by music. But here I am. Waking up to these same familiar keystrokes, making a light breakfast for myself. Organizing and shuffling things around in my room with images of the gardens flooding my head. I tote it around, playing it while at work. And again with my Mum over a glass of sauv blanc & supper. Writing, reading, falling asleep..

I don't think I could exhaust my love for Debussy, ever. What inspires you each day?


  1. It is very beautiful, thanks for sharing I'll definitely have to check out more of his work