Chad Vangaalen- Diaper Island CD review

you changed your name. you changed your number...

 and i still feel strange, and i ain't ever gonna change.
how are we going to say we're sorry, this time?

Literal and musical brilliance. Absolutely absurd and positively hilarious title. Chad VanGaalen presents, "Diaper Island". Is this a good place to be? Or bad. I'm unsure whether I want to join. If it's an island full of babies needing their diaper changed, forget about it. However, if it's an island full of babes- count me in! 

Diaper Island is CVG's  fourth album, released May 11th, 2011. There is always that fear that one of your favorite talents will release a dull, dry or "not as good as the last one", -type album. But that's not the case here thankfully. Chad's enthusiastically still offering us effective prescriptions of that  same soul-haunting, melancholic caliber of style that he has previous shown, in songs like "Willow Tree" and "Cries of the dead" from Soft Airplane (2008) or . If that's what your seeking. 

He also explores important questions and demands of women. Yes, really. Proof;
"Maybe if I shave my pussy, you will love me. Baby, will you love me, I'm really feeling ugly."

This is an important statement he is making in this song. Or maybe I've mistook it's overtly feminist undertone and exaggerated it somewhat. But, here I go. The message is an attempt at saying; this is the standard in which we seek for (something; anything), and here is how it really is. Why don't you want it? It's an expensive habit to keep up in this falsity, why won't you accept me for my fuzzy, natural self? Why can't you? It's rhetorical, but real. Why do we seek this idealistic (fake) person, place, thing. "I really don't get how we can move through all of this mess." We should just accept the natural self, have natural love,  and be natural beings. Er, either way. Fantasy meets reality on Diaper Island..

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