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She is crazy for everything, and anything. 


Exploring what makes a "ditsy" or "ditzy" person, mainly me. Wouldn't investigating this characteristic I've been deemed as, immediately eliminate me from the runnings? Apparently not.

Well, urbandictionary.com states; to be ditzy/ditsy is:
1. A person that acts like a blonde or is hyper all the time.
that girl over there is ditsy because she didn't take her pills today.   

Let me just point out that the descriptive sentence is excruciatingly demeaning, and doesn't really apply to the fact that it's trying to describe. She is hyper (ditzy), when she takes her pills but is ditzy when she forgets to? Doesn't that make her forgetful. I mean, I'm sure there are ditz's out there who forget to take their pills, but they are not just women or blondes. There are crazy and male ditz's, too.

2. Jessica Simpson

Er, moving on.

3. Slightly out of it, and don't know what is going on.
Now that is better and more accurate description of myself, but still I prefer not to be a noun that is jumbled in with some of the above categories.

4. This word "Ditzy" is often used as a way to negetivley called a blonde haired women (typically blonde haired) stupid or not in tune with the world
That hot chick at the bar is so Ditzy 
Okay, so who wrote this entry and forgot to edit it. A complete ditz, I'll say.

Alright, I feel as though I've proved my point very accurately by leading you through this Urbandictionary.com definition.  Let me ask you just a few things..

A) Can ditz's effectively lead someone through an argument- and win? No.
B) Can ditz's edit their own material? No, they don't have attention spans.
C) I didn't forget to take my pills today, nor do I take any.
D) Did I confuse you at all? If so, feel free to label me as you will. Spacey, random, out of it, or ditsy. But know this; I will refute you with motives stronger than your desire to stir me.

(all articles are extractions from urbandictionary.com and have not been edited)

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