growing up, maybe.

growing up; big girl. or trying.  ridding of old clothes
trying to find a balance between work appropriate yet youthful
not the easiest of things to do i'll tell you
blazer/ purse- vintage, heels- Charlotte Russe, trousers- Club Monaco, Corsette- F21, P
hidden bottle of wine- Frontera

Growing up traits: Organizing my head, my mind, my life. Exercise is key; eating right.  Reading the news. Steam baths, manicures, pedicures. Trying to look and feel focused on a career. Interviews, for the bad or good. Looking at houses, having one picked out (just for me).

Feeling young still: I don't sleep much, at all. Not working full time. Being summer and feeling often unmotivated or lazy. Laying in bed for hours after I open my eyes. Odd jobs to save up for big adventures. Wearing corsets and max height heels. Rolling my eyes. Attitude.

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