no weeping.

Sadness overwhelmed me this morning, with a disappointing piece of information in the mail. I did not get accepted into the "Creative Communications Program" at RRC. I was informed to work on "Spelling and grammar" as well as the "Variety and quality of work in portfolio". I agree entirely, of course I have no choice otherwise.

It's always upsetting to not get what you want, but in more ways than one I still am. I recently got hired at The Uniter.

For the sake of the argument, if I had got in to Cre-Comm, I wouldn't have been able to continue writing due to the schedule and load of schoolwork. I thoroughly believe that I have growing up to do. In general, as well as in the world of academia. I'm stubborn and have issues with deadlines, grammar (obviously). I don't know how to write for someone else. So, I need to perfect my self-editorial skills as well as the ability to constructively write essays, papers, etc. Oh, and most most most important, I need to learn how to NOT spazz out before tests.  

This summer is going to be an exciting one. My 22nd birthday (not a big deal other than I plan to spend an entire day at the beach with my best friends), Europe trip, and doing some major writing work.

I've picked some of the courses I would like to take, including:
-Intro to French
-Social Psychology
-Interpersonal Communication
-Contemporary Communication Theories
-& my science requirement.

..and the list goes on.

This seems more up my ally, observing the way humans socialize and react as well as some experimental linguistics for fun.

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